Dance and Party Bands


Alameda All Stars

The Alameda All Stars have been performing throughout the Bay Area and beyond for 25 years. During their illustrious history the All Stars have kept up a high level of musicianship along with a very professional approach to entertaining audiences. Their infectious dance beat and humorous asides are sown throughout a well-planned stage show. Over the years the band has also been a springboard into the high levels of the music biz. From 1979-1986, All Stars alumni, Brad Gillis (Night Ranger, Ozzy Osborne), Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger), Jeff Watson (Night Ranger), Alan Fitzgerald (Night Ranger, Bruce Springsteen) & Danny Chauncey (.38 Special), all honed their chops while regularly performing with the All Stars. During these years the All Stars took on a "band de jour" type image, constantly changing the lineup based on who was on the road or in town, between tours with their "real" band. It was loads of fun for all the players to be involved in such a band which allowed easy access to playing with a wide variety of talented musicians. Then, in late 1990 something happened that forever changed the band: the Alameda All Stars met legendary southern bluesman Gregg Allman. A fast musical connection was made and Gregg and the All Stars began performing shows together. A whole new level of commitment came over the band. Rather than the All Stars being the "jam" band that everyone came to play in, the All Stars itself became the "real" band. Playing good time classic rock and roll, The Alameda Allstars is the band to hire if you want your party to rock!

Allstar Jukebox

If you want the dance floor to be filled all night long by people of all ages, All Star Jukebox (ASJ) is the band for you. With ASJ, you can choose a variety of the best dance music from 1940-2003. The band has a fun, energetic, infectious sound with a show you will never forget. ASJ features eight of the Bay Area's most dynamic and talented entertainers. Award winning vocalists Latoya London and Jay Middleton front the all-star four-piece rhythm section featuring musicians from Sons of Champlain, Harvey Mandel and The Funky Meters. The band's two-piece horn section includes members that have toured with Tower of Power.



Anything She Wants

Anything She Wants is a dynamic and versatile group specializing in private parties, primarily wedding receptions and corporate events. The band is composed of an elite group of Bay Area music scene veterans, who came together to play their favorite tunes with their most respected peers. 
Anything She Wants maintains a broad repertoire, including popular dance music from the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s -- as well as today's hits. In addition, Anything She Wants excels at playing Jazz and Swing standards, featuring elegant Sinatra-style arrangements of well-known songs from the great American songbooks.
Anything She Wants can provide entertainment in a variety of configurations to suit the needs of any event. The basic six-piece group consists of Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Male & Female Lead Vocalists. The group can be expanded to seven pieces with the addition of a saxophone to give Swing standards a richer, more authentic sound - and eight pieces, adding a Trumpet for more dynamic arrangements.


Big Bang Beat

Big Bang Beat is a 12 piece review featuring the favorites of the 60's Motown sound and the fabulous funk of the 70's through to dance hits from the 80's and 90's. They are led by four dazzling female singers decked out in sequined mini dresses, plus a crack horn section, a precision choreographed stage show, and a zany, non-stop energy that since 1986 has made this highly acclaimed band a virtual fixture at clubs, conventions, fund-raisers and corporate and private parties throughout the U.S.A., and now increasingly around the globe. The critics have called BIG BANG BEAT a "surrealistic soul sensation," and "a band that can transform a soul classic like Jr. Walker and the All Stars' 'Shotgun' into a near religious experience." Corporate event producers have called the group "The very best party band in America, bar none. On a scale from 1 to 10...a 12."


Big City Review

An out of this world approach to the party band scene has just been created! Only once in a millennium does a musical ensemble come along that has the vision to inspire and excite an entire intergalactic generation. Big City Revue is the entertainment experience of the future. Originally formed in San Francisco, California they have traversed this planet and sent their message out to the largest multi-national corporations in our world, the planet earth...and that message is......... P-A-R-T-Y!


Blue Moon Party Band

Based in Sonoma, Napa, and Marin counties, and firmly established as one of the Northern California wine country's most popular party bands, BLUE MOON is available for your private celebration. This versatile and energetic band features a hard driving rhythm section (they all sing), the mighty four-piece Blue Moon horn section (they all sing too!), and one of the finest female vocalists you will find anywhere! BLUE MOON captures the Motown, Rock n' Roll, Rhythm and Blues, and 70's Disco spirits, performing the music of such notable artists as Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, The Supremes, Peter Gabriel, Van Morrison, Tower of Power, Huey Lewis & the News, and the Commodores. 
Besides pumping up crowds at fairs, concerts, weddings, grand openings, and corporate parties with these "get up and dance tunes", BLUE MOON is equally enthusiastic playing the jump, classic and retro swing music of Louis Jordan, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Glen Miller, Benny Goodman, Cole Porter, Nat King Cole, Brian Setzer, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. If you add the Latin styling of such artists as Antonio Carlos Jobim and Carlos Santana, BLUE MOON offers a fun party for everybody!


Carte Blanche

Who is Carte Blanche?
Lorn Leber (guitarist, band leader) studied at the Berkeley College of Music until 1979 and has been a professional musician in the Bay Area ever since. Leber has toured with the Jerry Garcia Band and performed with Rick Springfield, The Tonight Show's Kevin Yubanks and Americal Idol's Latoya London. 
Russ Gold (drums) has toured extensively throughout much of the world and worked with artists such as Johnny Colla of Huey Lewis and the News and Garry Lyons, producer of the Grateful Dead and Rolling Stones. CBS Records has described Gold with "an uncanny combination of power, drive, and delicate touch."
Daniel Lucca Parenti (bass) carries nearly 20 years of performing numerous instruments and writing and arranging music for a variety of genres. Parenti recorded on two Grammy Nominated albums with Rosemary Clooney and he has recorded and toured as bassist with Big Kahuna and the Copa Cat Pack. 
Colin Hogan (keyboardist) is completing his music major at Hayward State College. Hagan is a first round draft choice and fabulous talent with a long and productive career awaiting! 
Kimic Joy (female vocalist) is a newcomer on the scene and has been singing with Lorn Leber's Carte Blanche for a year. She is a dynamic performer with an exciting presence. She is involved with numerous local bands with rapidly growing credits.
Nico (male vocalist) is from New York City and was introduced to his musical talent as a child in his fathers music store. Nico sings from the heart and delivers music with meaning. He has performed on collaborations featuring Carlos Santana and Brad Gillis.


Chain of Fools

The Chain of Fools is the premiere San Francisco Bay Area party band that does it all! Our all star lineup of Bay Area talent will keep your party rocking and your dance floor packed all night!
Whether it is a Stan Getz’ cool jazz sound, a full blown Ellington big band jump swing, or high octane 70s funk, Motown and rock . . .
The Chain of Fools has the versatility to make your event UNFORGETTABLE!
That is what we do…and that is what we have always done for hundreds of parties from New York to Hawaii.


The Cheeseballs

The Cheeseballs. The name says it all: groovy, funky, danceable FUN! Just ask the tens of thousands of fans who have already experienced them. They will tell you stories of standing on the bar singing "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" at the top of their lungs or dancing so hard to "We Are Family" that getting out of bed the next day was quite an event. 
That's what The Cheeseballs do; they make you "Shake Your Groove Thing" like it hasn't been shaken in years. The band members pride themselves on serving up a helping of non-stop 70's disco dance hits and 80's pop classics with an uncanny knack of performing songs that you will be surprised to discover you knew all the words to, such as "Summer Nights," "Centerfold," "Love will Keep Us Together," "Fame," "Copacabana," and many more. The result is always an audience dancing along and singing along. 
Whether playing to a crowd of 100 or 10,000, they'll make sure everyone ends up on the dance floor. The Cheeseballs have headlined and sold out at all of the Bay Area's premier venues, including Bimbo's 365 Club, The Great American Music Hall and Slim's. 
The band is comprised of 8 performers dressed in dazzling retro disco outfits and presents a parade of personalities who alternate lead vocals with plenty of exuberantly choreographed dance moves. You won't be disappointed. Just pick up the phone and say... "Cheese, Please!"



Crossfire has it all with excellent vocals, tight horns and a funky rhythm section.  Playing a wide array of styles from funk to motown, to classic rock and disco!   Crossfile is a great crowd pleaser for any occasion.


David Martin's House Party

David Martin's House Party is a high energy dance band comprised of 8 Musicians and 2 Character Dancers. They have been doing special events for over 12 years, here in Northern California and all over the U.S.

The strengths of DMHP's presentation are the musical variety with a vast repertoire of over 400 songs, the musicianship and the extreme care for their clients. The band can tailor it's show to all generations in one action packed evening. One of the most popular party bands in the Bay Area, DMHP will definitely make your event one to remember.


Double Funk Church

Double Funk Crunch is a party band serving corporate, private and public clients who desire fun and entertaining dance music for their events. Playing music from the 70's through today DFC turns in a performance that is visually and musically unsurpassed. With synchronized dance moves, frequent costume changes, creative musical arrangements and their unique brand of crowd-interactive entertainment, nobody sits down at a DFC show! It's impossible not to have fun!


Fast Times 80s

Where were you in the 80s? Playing Pac-Man? Watching General Hospital? Enjoying the spoils of Reaganomics? Whatever your memories, Fast Times will bring them all flooding back with a smile--and a backbeat you won't be able to resist.

Fast Times plays the ultimate dance hits from the ultimate decade of decadence. From A-Ha to Young MC, every song is an instantly recognizable hit guaranteed to get audiences on their feet and celebrating. From the birth of new wave and the dominance of synth-pop to the ragged edge of rock and the dawn of alternative, Fast Times covers it all. Just don't call it "retro"--Fast Times is powerful proof that the music of the 1980s is alive and kicking, here and now.


The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals present a high octane, fun filled stage show featuring great vocals, world-class musicianship, stunning costumes and electrifying choreography. The group features three dynamic lead vocalists, the hottest horns around, a super tight four piece rhythm section, and up to four costumed, choreographed dancers. The band's versatile repertoire includes the most popular R&B, Motown, Funk, Rock and Disco songs from the last five decades, as well as a variety of Big Band, Swing and Contemporary hits. With numerous great songs to choose from, it's easy to set the right pace and select the perfect music for your event. The Fundamentals will custom tailor their sets to pack the dance floor from start to finish. Or, if you prefer, they'll play a mellow dinner set of light jazz and easy listening material, then build to a rockin' medley of your favorite hits.



Funkylittleshack features dynamic vocalists, a slammin' rhythm section, and blazingly hot horns. Want to dance all night long? Funkylittleshack gets everyone out on the floor with a funky party groove. Playing the best old and new school funk -- plus r&b, motown, reggae and rock, Funklittleshack has what it takes to deliver fresh, high-energy sound, a polished performance, and lots of funkylittlefun!


Grand Crue

GRAND CRUE is a top notch Rock’n Roll band, playing classic rock hits by such bands as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who and more. With excellent 4 part harmonies and great musicians, Grand Crue easily replicates the heart and soul of true rock and roll!


Hollywood Swingers

The Hollywood Swingers are flashy, funky and fun, with an all-star ensemble of musicians who specialize in soul, but can do a whole lot more.


Little Sister

Little Sister is best described as a high-energy variety dance band. Seven members strong, the group features two of the Bay Area's premier male and female up-front vocalists. Backed by an all-star rhythm section, Little Sister delivers - vocally, musically and visually. The live show is warm and friendly with an emphasis on making the guests feel comfortable and part of the festivities. Time goes by quickly when you're having fun. Since the inception of Little Sister in 1987, the band has performed over 1100 engagements. Niteclubs, festivals, blues bars, barbecues, blackties, birthdays, casinos, corporate events and county fairs… you name it, Little Sister has always brought rhythm and motion to the celebration.
Versatility being key, Little Sister skillfully performs soul, swing, R&B, Motown, rock, disco, blues, funk and standards. Repertoire and presentation are personally tailored to your event.


Mersey Beach

Having played concerts, fairs, nightclubs, corporate parties and countless wedding receptions, Mersey Beach has proven to be Northern California's premier party band. Playing music from the 60's through today and boasting excellent 4 part harmonies, their versatile playlist always strikes the right chord!


The New SekretService

With The New SekretService.  You'll enjoy a grooveliciously high energy, 
high quality, soulful, dance oriented experience that features the Top Funk, R&B and Pop Dance Hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's to today.  With this star-studded line-up, (boasting members that have played with MC Hammer, Confunkshin and Club Nouveau) combined with some of the finest vocalists in the Bay Area, you've got all of the ingredients necessary for a memorable, Dance Til Ya Drop, night of fun, flirting, moving and


Poyntlyss Sistars

If you're looking for an exciting party band, THE POYNTLYSS SISTARS offers lively dance sets and a blend of musicianship, glamour and choreography that both dancers and audiences find entertaining. Since its formation in the mid 80's, the group has evolved into its present format of three frontline vocalists accompanied by lead guitar, bass, drums, saxophone and keyboards. The band delivers energetic renditions of favorite hits of the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Audiences of all ages will clap, dance and sing along to the delightful performances of Sonoma County's classic rock group, THE POYNTLYSS SISTARS BAND!


Pride and Joy

During its 17 years of phenomenal success, Pride & Joy has remained the most popular band on the Bay Area music scene. This group is the Pride of the Bay Area and a Joy to anyone who loves to dance. They have achieved this by presenting the most timeless pop/soul music of our time in an electrifying high-style show that pulls the audience directly into the heart of their performance. This band can play anywhere from the most popular clubs on the circuit to wedding receptions the top society parties and corporate events everybody, everywhere, instantly relates to the music. " It's always been natural for us to reach out and draw in the audience. We make the people feel they're part of the performance because they are, says Pride & Joy founder and bandleader Coleman Burke. "That's what Pride & Joy has always been about - - creating a great feeling in the room. That's as important a part of our show as the work we put into our look, choreography and arrangements As evidence of Pride & Joy's across-the-board staying power, the band regularly sells out full- weekend engagements at San Francisco's premiere nightclub, the Great American Music Hall and has set a house record at The Mystic Theatre, Sonoma County's most prominent club. In addition, they have played venues in Reno, Lake Tahoe, Arizona, Southern California, Hawaii, Phoenix, Palm Springs, Los Angeles as well as other cities.



Soundscape plays an exciting blend of new hits and classic favorites that are sure to satisfy. Their goal is to entertain all: young, old, and in between, offering a wide variety of music from the 40's to 2000 and beyond! Featuring the best new talent from the Bay Area's music scene, Soundscape will make your event a success!


Tainted Love

Tainted Love brings you back to the days when keyboards ruled the airwaves, cascading hairdos were commonplace and outlandish fashions lit up the early days of MTV. With a stellar line-up of three high-energy singers driven by a power house band, Tainted Love delivers a non-stop 80's live show featuring "Hungry Like the Wolf", "I Melt With You", "Obsession"," Safety Dance" and many other pop gems from that deliriously decadent decade. One night of Tainted Love and you'll forget that disco ever happened!


Wall Street

The Wall Street band has entertained Bay Area music fans for over a decade. This multi-ethnic, eight piece high energy party/dance band is composed of hand picked stage and studio musicians whose eclectic styles combine elements of motown, rhythm and blues, hip-hop, jazz, funk soul and spicey rhythms creating an electrifying dance adventure. 
The Wall Street male and female vocalists put on an exciting stage show, encouraging audience participation. The rhythm section strikes their unique signature groove topped with the soaring sounds of the Wall Street horn section. Put it all together and you have the "can't stay in your seat, get up and dance Wall Street experience!


WonderBread 5

Wonder Bread 5 first took the stage as a Jackson 5 / Michael Jackson Tribute Band. They've expanded their repertoire beyond the brother's original Motown sound. What was once your strictly 70's party is now the Party Band for all times! In psychedelic prints and six-inch platforms, The Wonder Bread 5 now perform the top hits of the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and beyond. And like the synthetic fabrics they can't give up, the music is authentic.